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CWICE 8-Part Training Series Certificate Program


The CWICE 8-Part Training Series is a unique program that seeks to increase awareness and knowledge of the intersection of child welfare with unresolved immigration, settlement, integration and border-related issues in order to achieve equitable outcomes for children, youth and families.


The program was designed for the child welfare sector and it is available to staff working in child welfare organizations across Canada. Child welfare practitioners benefit from learning about the systems and processes that impact clients who may be immigrants, refugees, temporary residents, people with unresolved status, as well as those with permanent residence status or Canadian citizenship that lack identity documents. 


Recommended for Direct Service Child Welfare Staff and Managers


Feedback from training evaluations:
97% of participants found the information learned was relevant to their role
98% indicated the training provided a better understanding of the intersection of child welfare and immigration. 
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Build knowledge and understanding of immigration streams, federal partners and immigration status in Canada
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Increase skills in building equity practices and early identification of unresolved immigration, settlement, and integration issues 
Enhance knowledge of CWICE services

Training Modules


CWICE 101:   Introduction of the Canadian Immigration System & Intersection with Child Welfare


CWICE 102:   Refugees Part 1: Asylum Seekers & Denied Claimants


CWICE 103:   Refugees Part 2: Unaccompanied and Separated Children


CWICE 104:   Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds Applications for Permanent Residence


CWICE 105:   Refugees Part 3: GARs and Privately Sponsored Refugees


CWICE 106:   Placements Across Borders, Family Sponsorships and Economic Immigration Streams


CWICE 107:   Temporary and Unresolved Immigration Status


CWICE 108:   Creating & Ensuring Equitable Outcomes in Child Welfare


$125 + processing fee per person per module
Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the final training module.

Participant Testimonials


“The historic overview of Canada’s immigration legislation and practices as well as the case studies were powerful elements that build the foundation for why it is critical that social workers consider the unique circumstances of each child and family.” – Stacey Greenough, Provincial Coordinator, Children in Care, Nova Scotia Department of Community Services



“Covering the varied and complex systems that families have to navigate related to immigration, settlement, border issues, and citizenship, this training highlighted the importance of the partnerships CWICE has as well as their role as an advocate in helping Child Welfare teams achieve the best possible outcomes in partnership with families.” – Darcy Koreen, Child Welfare Supervisor, Children’s Aid Society of Toronto



“The best practice framework that I have taken away from this training is the need to focus on the client’s migration and settlement story as part of their social history during the assessment process”. – Debra Musgrave, Anti-Black Racism Practice Integration Lead, Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton



"I would definitely recommend this training to other workers because immigration is not something that is common knowledge or taught in school.” – Samantha Jensen, Child Protection Worker, Government of Saskatchewan


Review the CWICE 101 Training Evaluation Executive Summary for more information and testimonials.

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