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The Child Welfare Immigration Centre of Excellence (CWICE) focuses on service, research and sector-wide capacity building. As the centralized service in Ontario, CWICE supports child welfare organizations on cases involving unresolved immigration, settlement, or border-related issues.


CWICE’s role is to:

  • assist the sector to better understand the impact of immigration/settlement issues on the children, youth and families we serve;
  • ensure children and youth have immigration plans and pathways;
  • promote proactive and responsive service to emerging immigration and settlement trends;
  • encourage the sector to be accountable in ensuring equitable outcomes for children and youth;
  • collaborate on research; and
  • serve as a knowledge management centre to inform and build capacity in the sector.

Whom does CWICE serve?

CWICE is here to assist children and youth under 18 who are receiving child welfare services in Ontario. This may include children in care or kinship arrangements, and/or families who are receiving ongoing support. Youth 18 and over who have left care and require CWICE services are also eligible for support.


How does CWICE help?

CWICE is a resource for the child welfare sector in Ontario, offering consultation and support for organizations managing complex child protection and immigration cases. As leader in this area, CWICE works with local, provincial and federal partners to develop partnerships and protocols to resolve immigration issues.


CWICE teams provide direct assistance to children, youth and families who are involved with the child welfare system, and dealing with unresolved immigration status or settlement issues. Staff may offer guidance on eligibility for citizenship, connect children or families to immigration lawyers or settlement services.  Since 2018, CWICE has been actively working with over 50 children, youth, and young adults to obtain their Canadian citizenship.


What is next for CWICE?

One of CWICE’s goals is to build capacity across the sector to ensure child welfare agencies across Ontario and elsewhere in Canada have a better understanding of the intersection of immigration and child welfare. To do this, CWICE has developed a training curriculum series to teach child welfare professionals about the immigration system, pathways to citizenship, and best practices.